Friday, January 21, 2011


After many long days, multiple locations, and an overall tremendous group effort - production has wrapped on ‘Donovan’s Echo’ (Actually, it wrapped over a month ago…)

With early mornings, 12-15 hour days of shooting, and late night prep for the next day’s work, filmmaking is an exhausting experience – both mentally and physically. Everyone has a job to do, and even with schedules planned well in advance, every day is a race against the clock. Fortunately, we were blessed with an incredible team – from the extremely talented performers to an amazing crew behind-the-scenes. There seemed to be a real overall synergy.

In pre-production, there were many hours of discussion with all the creative departments as they worked to bring every little detail off the page. Wardrobe used unique colour palates and accessories to help suggest the mood and personality of each character.  Hair and makeup tackled multiple time periods. Set design completely transformed each location with the perfect décor, and props went to great lengths to determine what each important piece should look like – such as Donovan’s journal.

After many auditions, we were grateful to have found such a gifted array of actors. Sonja Bennett’s audition for Sarah wowed the room with both her purity and passion. David Lewis, who had previously nailed his auditioned for a different role, later inspired a call back for the pivotal role of Kit – where he nailed it again. We were excited to welcome the talented Ian Tracey on board as Ray, who brought a new dimension to the character not on the page. And Natasha Calis, an amazing young performer, was just destined to be Maggie. As for all the other characters, each individual managed to bring a little something special in their own way, and really added an overall texture to the film.

Meanwhile, we can’t say enough about Danny and Bruce’s chemistry on screen. Both gave tremendous performances that really brought the characters of Donovan and Finney to life in ways we never could’ve imagined.  
Now with hours of footage to sift through, a new phase has begun – editing (More on that soon...).

In the meantime, DE has continued popped up in new sources including The Hollywood Reporter, Playback, and Moviehole.

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